An Dental is a boutique dental space dedicated to providing dental services in a peaceful, safe and personal environment to everyone who needs healing. The clinicians and staff are committed to providing holistic and well rounded care to everyone who walks through the doors. An is the Hanyu Pinyin translation of the mandarin word 安. It means peace and safety and this name was chosen to represent the feel of the space. An dental melds the seemingly separate worlds of eastern healing philosophies and cutting edge western technologies to provide a unique experience for all.

Local designer Steve Ng’s inspired vision culminated in the creation of the An Dental logo: He used a transition from the traditional Chinese character to its more modern form to symbolise director Dr Marlene Teo’s chinese roots, moving into modern times. Precision and balance was achieved with geometrical lines under a mathematical foundation. The An logo is representative of surgical accuracy formed within a circle –a symbol of wholeness, a seal of trust.

Our mission at An Dental is to provide a holistic dental treatment plan for you. To get to the root of the problem and heal you in an environment that leaves you empowered and energised after the experience.

An Dental

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