Dr. Marlene Teo: Our Philosophy

Dr. Marlene Teo

This quote on our feature wall represents An Dental’s philosophy. The meaning of this quote is as simple as it is complex.

“As within, so without” -Hermes Trismegistus

This quote on our feature wall represents An Dental’s philosophy. The meaning of this quote is as simple as it is complex.

On one level, this line means that our looks or our beauty, is determined by who we are on the inside. There are people that just glow. And these are the people who radiate outer beauty because they are innately happy. Angry, sad people give off such a negative vibe….  they certainly are not attractive in my opinion! Happy loving people are always the most attractive.

At An Dental, we also believe that your health is determined by your body chemistry and internal state. Your hormones, the nutrients that you derive from food are all building blocks that determine your health. We cannot be healthy on the outside without first looking at what we eat, our stress levels, and how much sleep we get. Your gums and teeth cannot be healthy unless you are free from systemic disease. You cannot look healthy on the outside if your body is not balanced.

Your thoughts determine your reality. Ever met a Debbie-downer who tells everyone how much their life sucks and that everyone is out to cheat them? Well guess what, that is usually a self fulfilling prophecy as people WILL treat you according to the vibe you send out. Victims will attract narcissistic partners that treat them as well as they treat themselves. So be very careful about your thought patterns. Positive thoughts usually rewire the brain and repeated negative thoughts just create ruts in the brain!

This quote has interesting origins as Hermes Trismegistus was the purported author of the Hermetic Corpus. To the Greeks, he was one of the Gods that worked with philosophy, astrology, magic and alchemy. “As within” refers to the mind and soul, "as without" to the world outside the individual. Together, the intent of the phrase is to remind the magic practitioner that they cannot achieve their purpose without first achieving harmony between spiritual and physical. Your spiritual body must be aligned with the physical before alchemy and magic can happen.

There are multiple layers and meanings to this one line. How you interpret it is entirely up to you. but clearly, one cannot achieve a state of wellness on the outside without turning inwards, being still and reflecting on self. As within, so without.

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