Teeth Whitening Singapore

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is an increasingly popular dental procedure that involves removing teeth discolourations so as to achieve a brighter smile.

While there is a myriad of options available, some cheaper products are both ineffective and unsafe. Budget treatments that are inexpensively accessible online usually contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, both of which can be dangerous in illegally large amounts. 

The allowed percentage of over-the-counter hydrogen peroxide is 0.1%. However, many products that are readily available contain an average of 3%.

What causes Teeth Discolouration?

Tooth discolouration occurs when the colour of your teeth change. Discoloured teeth don't look as bright or white as they should, and may darken or develop dark spots.

Teeth discolouration can be grouped into these different categories:

TypeWhen it occursCauses
Extrinsic stain (Staining on the surface of the teeth)It occurs when stain particles accumulate in the layer of protein covering your teeth’s enamel.Tobacco use, or frequent consumption of coffee, tea, wine, or certain soft drinks.
Intrinsic Stains (Staining below the surface of teeth)It occurs when stain particles accumulate within your teeth’s enamel, staining their inner layer.Excessive consumption of fluoride during early childhood (fluorosis) or internal bleeding from tooth trauma.
Age-related stains (Intrinsic and/or extrinsic tooth stains)It occurs with age; the dentin (core tissue) in your teeth yellows over time.With old age, enamel starts to thin, exposing the yellowish dentin.

Enamel can also become more porous, and teeth trap stains more easily.

These cause your teeth to become discoloured.

Extrinsic stains can be easily removed with regular dental cleaning and/or whitening toothpaste, while intrinsic stains may require the services of a professional (eg. by bleaching).

What are the Teeth Whitening Options in Singapore?




Scaling & polishing

It can help to prevent and reduce the appearance and build-up of surface stains on the teeth.

It also improves overall oral health and reduces the risk of gum disease, gingivitis, and tooth decay.

Does not whiten the overall shade of teeth.

Home teeth whitening kit

Gradual results allow more control over the desired outcome.

Teeth whitening kits are easily accessible online and in stores, and provide better flexibility in terms of schedule.

Teeth whitening kits are more cost-effective in the long-term as gel refill kits are available for purchase as long as your whitening trays still fit.

It takes longer to achieve desired results.

It can be inconvenient to prepare whitening trays and gels without the help of a professional.

In-office teeth whitening

Fast results, are usually visible and more noticeable after just one treatment session.

Professional dentists offer hassle-free, safer, and more effective procedures and tools.

Quick results make this a great option for those with busier schedules.

Clients pay for every visit.

Long time spent in the dental chair.

Some individuals may also experience tooth sensitivity after treatment.

Is Teeth Whitening painful?

While in-office teeth whitening procedures are mostly pain-free procedures, the same cannot be said for those who opt for over-the-counter home whitening kits.

Such individuals might experience pain, especially if they have any unseen cracks in their teeth, as the hydrogen peroxide present in such teeth whitening kits could penetrate down to the dentin of teeth. This is likely to cause pain, or at the very least, tooth sensitivity.

There are other adverse effects one could experience from teeth whitening:

  • Burns to your gums
  • Burns or blistering to the lips
  • Eventual tooth weakness and decay
  • Vomiting and other gastrointestinal distress
  • Worsening gingivitis
Teeth Whitening Process

You may not be a suitable candidate for teeth whitening if you have:

  • Deep and intrinsic teeth stains
  • Ongoing orthodontic treatment
  • Cracks in your teeth, or exposed dentin from tooth trauma

Before your whitening procedure, your dentist will perform an oral exam to ensure you are a suitable candidate and that the lightening agents used on your teeth won’t cause you any adverse effects. Your dentist will be able to better advise you on the type of whitening you most appropriate for you and what to watch out for, if any.

How long do results last?

Teeth whitening results are only semi-permanent and may vary from 6 months to 2 years. Patients will need to undergo teeth whitening treatment regularly to maintain optimal results.

The consistency of treatment depends on personal habits and factors such as whether an individual smokes, brushes their teeth regularly and correctly, has other existing oral conditions, consumes staining foods or beverages regularly, and more.

Teeth Whitening Results, lasts from 6 months to 2 years

What should I do after Teeth Whitening?

In the first 2 weeks after an in-office whitening session, you should avoid coffee, red wine tea, and other teeth-staining foods. A good rule of thumb is to avoid any food or drink that  would stain white cloth.

To prolong and maintain teeth whitening effects, individuals should also:

  • Stick to a good dental routine consisting of daily brushing and regular flossing. This is crucial, as plaque can cause teeth to appear more yellow.
  • Use a straw when consuming teeth-staining food and drink.
  • Rinse your mouth with water after having teeth-staining food and drink.

Additionally, the use of a whitening toothpaste or take-home teeth whitening kit can provide better long-term protection against stains. It is also best to avoid teeth-staining foods altogether, or as much as possible, and in the long term.

How much does Teeth Whitening cost in Singapore?

Type of procedure


Treatment regularity

In-office teeth whitening

In-office teeth whitening services range between $800 and $1300. 

The upside to in-office treatment is that usually, only a single session is required.

Home teeth whitening kit

Prices range between $400 and $600, and do not include the potential cost of additional gel refills and bleaching trays.

You will also need to regularly repeat the process for 1-2 weeks.

Scaling & polishing

Scaling & polishing services usually cost $90 to $150. 

Scaling & polishing is recommended at least twice yearly.


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