Your bad breath could mean you have gum disease!

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Have you ever been chatted up by a George Young lookalike and literally been "blown away"... by his breath?

Or worse still, while you were trying to land that promotion you worked SO had to get and you noticed your boss inching further and further away from you while trying to inconspicuously cover her nose?

Well, bad breath or halitosis can cause serious social problems. And if you think you might have this problem, this article is for you.

Can Gum Disease Cause Bad Breath?

Yes for sure it can! Bad breath or halitosis can be caused by poor brushing; which allows food and bacteria to accumulate around the gum margins and tongue. The bacteria then breaks the food down to emit a foul odour. When gum disease is more serious and periodontitis develops, pockets around the gums form and more food and bacteria gets trapped under the gums. (Yucks!)

This leads to a vicious cycle of gum breakdown and this accumulation of food and bacteria can lead to worsening of the smell! At this point, no amount of mouthwash or mints are going to help you. The mouthwash is not able to get to the depths of those gum pockets to kill the bacteria.

In serious periodontitis cases, pus can also form in the gums. And trust me. Pus smells bad.

However, there are other possible cause of bad breath too. Such as:

  • Smoking
  • Food like onions and garlic
  • Not drinking enough water causing dehydration and decrease in saliva production
  • Sinus and lung infections
  • Other systemic diseases like diabetes and gastrointestinal disorders

So How Do I Cure Bad Breath?

First, start with the basics like:

  • Stop smoking
  • Cutting down on odour emitting foods like onions and garlic on days you really want to smell your best!
  • Brushing the top of your tongue or using a tongue scraper to remove bacteria
  • Brushing and flossing twice a day
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Getting a check up with your dentist or a periodontist

Your dentist/periodontist will be able to tell if you are brushing or flossing well enough, and he or she will give you a check up to see if that stinky smell is emanating from deep within the recesses of your gums!

If this STILL doesn’t clear the problem, your dentist/periodontist will probably refer you for a check up with a medical doctor, to eliminate any systemic illnesses that can cause bad breath.

Hey, try these basic techniques out and you just might appear more attractive to that girl on the bus. Who knows? 😉

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